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A to Z of Natural Skincare: C

C is for Coconut It has taken long to finish this post on coconut oil, not for lack of motivation, but because completing the research led me down a rabbit hole. Coconut is an amazing fruit and very versatile. The only limit to what you can use this fruit for is your imagination. Coconut History & Benefits The coconut is the fruit of the palm Cocos nucifera  and you can find it all over the world. .

What defines a woman’s beauty?

Woman's beauty
Since the existence of human beings, women have often been the more beauty conscious gender. Most women to an extent, follow various fashion trends, tips and ways of enhancing their external/physical beauty to make a statement, show off their personality, and attract others. There are different perceptions of human beauty according to personal preferences, and these are varied across different people. For instance, some people identify women as beautiful who have a fair complexion .