Lemon Body Butter

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Shaju Lemon Body Butter is specifically tailored to awaken your senses! 100% raw unrefined shea butter in combination with essential lemon oil:

rich with essential nutrients for your entire body
• pleasing and light citrus fragrance
calming and rejuvenation for your body



Do you often feel tired and exhausted? Are you under stress or exposed to pollution and other disturbing environmental elements?

Daily life regularly dulls our senses. We are exposed to massive stress and air pollution. If you are stuck in an accelerated everyday cycle, it is inevitable to suffer from stress-related repercussions. Your skin is the natural indicator of wellness.

Your skin, the largest organ in your body, is the first line of defense in preserving your overall health. With our Lemon Body Butter you can take some time just for yourself and allow your senses to recover as well as rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

Lemon Body Butter Benefits

  • Rich with essential nutrients for your entire body
  • Pleasing and light citrus fragrance
  • Calms and rejuvenates your body
  • Manufactured using all natural ingredients extracted from herbs and plants

Origins and ingredients

Our Shea Butter is all natural and completely free from artificial ingredients.

  • High-quality Shea butter directly purchased from traditional Shea butter producers in Africa
  • Rich combination of unrefined Shea butter, lemon essential oil and Vitamin E
  • Calming citrus fragrance

Benefits of Lemon Essential Oil

  • Spiritual Grounding – Enhances connection between your spirit and soul. Also, it helps with reducing conflicts between thoughts and intellect.
  • Concentration – Increases concentration and alertness, boosts energy and brings mind clarity.
  • Body cleanser – Helps to clean and detoxify the skin. Also great for liver, kidneys and stomach illnesses.
  • Skin care – Reduces excessive oil on the skin. Also helps remove dead skin cells, calms and rejuvenates your skin.
  • Nail care – Softens cuticles and restores nail health.


Custom base size: 4oz and 8oz

About Shaju products

We specialize in supplying customized Shea butter to cater to your exact skin needs. Our quality benchmarks for African Shea butter are maintained by pushing the limits to offer the finest and purest Shea butter that is great for cosmetic use.

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4 oz, 8 oz

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  1. Alex Smith

    I have had a chance to sample two of Shaju’s scented body butters: Sweet Almond and Sensual Desire. I just recently started using the Lemon body butter on my hands after cooking and washing dishes, and I have found that it not only does the job of restoring moisture to my dry hands, it’s also just the right scent to cover any smell from prepping and cooking that remains on my hands after washing. I love this!

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