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How to Revamp your Natural Hair Care Regimen for the Summer

Natural Hair Care Regimen
Summer has just started and you know what that means, especially for your natural hair care regimen. It’s time to put away the boots and bulky winter clothes for many of you in the eastern regions, it was quite an extended winter. Time to put on light and airy pieces that flow with the wind. Not only should you revamp your wardrobe for the seasons, your natural hair care regimen also needs to be .

Healthy Hair versus Length: Reframing the Obsession with Hair Length

Healthy Hair Versus Length
Most naturals have made the transition because they want to achieve healthy hair, in the first place chemical-free. But with the emergence of the natural hair movement, there is the question of growing natural hair envy.  With a growing popularity of natural hair, tips, tricks, and some downright questionable practices leave us wondering at what lengths (pun intended) some of us are willing to go in order to get longer hair. Are you more .

How to Shorten Your Natural Hair Care Routine

Shorten natural hair care routine
At Shaju, we always have the working professionals, life enthusiasts, and all around busy person in mind. Most of us live in a fast-paced world where time is extremely valuable. Many of you are constantly on the go. Well frankly, life is short and there is so much to discover and people to connect with in this world. No one wants to spend countless hours on end caring for their hair when there are .

Figuring Out What Works for Your Natural Hair

What Works Best For Natural Hair
Trying to decide on the best hair products that will give your natural hair flawless results can sometimes be daunting, especially if you’ve recently transitioned to wearing your natural hair. Of course, the hair products that you used while your hair was chemically processed may no longer work for your current delicate natural texture. The key to finding products that work best with your natural hair is to determine the particular needs of your .

Learning to love your natural hair

Learning to love your natural hair
For some naturals, whether they transitioned slowly or went the “big chop” route, embracing their natural hair texture may not have been an easy process. Not every natural immediately falls in love with their unique texture and that’s okay. It is an emotional, psychological, and physical process. The natural hair journey is different for everyone. There are no rules. There are no time restraints on when and how you embrace your curls. You should .

Winter Natural Hair Care Tips

Winter Natural Hair Care tips
The winter season can be difficult for natural hair care and really take a toll on your hair. The cold, bitter air lacks humidity and unlike the warmer summer months, it can be drying to your natural strands. You may struggle with your natural hair to maintain moisture and keep it healthy. Without the proper care, your hair can become dry, brittle and damaged and eventually lead to split ends, breakage and thinning hair. .